2017 Awards, 2018 Kickoff, Donuts!

Coached workouts officially resumed last week, following an H-rocking, holly-jolly holiday party to celebrate the achievements of 2017 and an inaugural Donut Run on January 1st to welcome the promise of 2018.


Held on December 2nd at Café Tallulah, the 2017 party was true to its own tradition and general Harrier form. Members reveled well into the wee-wee hours, toasting and reminiscing over another fantastic year of PRs, injury comebacks, road trips, post-race brunches, inside jokes, and all of the other aspects of Harrier friendships, new and old. It was a send-off for 2017 worthy of the effort put into its competition and workouts. And, as always, the board and coaches presented a slate of hard-earned and well-deserved awards. Congratulations to our 2017 winners, who join an illustrious coterie of past recipients:


Runner Of The Year (ROTY)

·         Open:      Morgan Lingar (Women), Patrick Jagielski (Men)

·         Masters: Susan Bayat (Women), Jason Gray (Men)

Age Group

·         25-29: Michelle Hillenbrand, Matt Billings

·         30-34: Bree Tse, John Crowley

·         35-39: Mirjam Lablans, Scott Bartucca

·         40-44: Michael Rodgers

·         45-59: Olivera Arezina, Sandro Belvedere

·         60-64: Robin Goodman


·         Jenny Murphy, Robin Kennedy

Most Improved

·         Trish Piekarski, Justin Perkins

Coaches’ Award

·         Michelle Hillenbrand, Steve Bowker


Of course, when Coach Kat hosts a Donut Run, we all win. Hope to see you at the next one or a workout soon. Let’s rock the H in 2018!