TCS New York City Marathon Recap

On November 4th, 2018, 59 Harriers and 51,000+ runners gathered in Staten Island for the start of the TCS NYC Marathon. The marathon is “the big one” for many and the last race of the year for many Harriers, who have been training for several months. The runners received favorable racing conditions, with clear sunny skies, minimal wind and comfortable temperatures.


The women's team took a very impressive 5th place with Caroline Willian, Morgan Lingar and Wendy De Wolf scoring.  The men’s master team also took 5th place with Carl Daucher, Gary Frankland and Simon Morabito scoring. Carl Daucher, Simon Morabito and Justin Perkins scored for the men’s open team.

The consistent training and favorable racing conditions paved the way for PR’s for several Harrier’s especially Morgan Lingar, Justin Perkins, Jason Gray, Caroline Willian, Wendy De Wolf, Steve Bowker and Kevin Hickman. Also a special kudos to Caroline Willian and Morgan Lingar who placed in the top 50 for U.S. women and ran the 1st and 6th fastest marathon times in Harrier history.

Steve Bowker was able to shave off nearly 23 minutes from his PR last year. Steve said…“this was a huge validation that I could in fact run a marathon without hitting the wall at mile 17. Got tough in the central park miles, but I managed to pick it up in the last 800 to make sure I kept it under my 3:20 goal. Thanks everybody who came out to cheer along the way!”

In speaking with Kevin Hickman after the race, he said “I owe my nice new PR and hitting my A goal to a summer of hard training with the Harrier evening crew! Great ride out to the start with everyone to keep nerves low and amazing support at the start of the really hard work on 1st Avenue (and at other points along the way). So grateful to be part of the best team in the city!"

Marathon day would not be complete without the amazing Harrier cheer zone along First Avenue. THANK YOU to all of those that came out to cheer the runners on and came to celebrate afterwards.

Congratulations to all marathon runners on a great race and to all Harriers for a great year of running.

harriers marathon2.jpg