Washington Heights 5K Race Recap

The New York Harriers started off the 2018 season with a bang! At the Washington Heights 5K, a record 62 Harriers showed up to “Rock the H” for the first race of the season and take on the hilly and challenging, out and back course. Racing conditions were more favorable than last year’s record cold temperature and several Harriers reported PRs.

The women’s open team took an impressive 4th place, with Jenny Murphy, Caroline Willian, Jill Prentice, Morgan Lingar and Michelle Hillenbrand scoring for the team. Jenny Murphy placed an impressive 9th overall in the women's field and Caroline Willian finished first in her age group. Great job to Harrier rookies Caroline and Jill on their great times and scoring for the women’s team. 

Women's Team Brunch.jpg

The men’s team took 10th place, with Mitch Boucher, Joseph Billings, Scott Bartucca, Zach Pollock and Patrick Jagielski scoring in the Open Division. 

Our men's and women's masters teams finished 8th and 9th respectively, led by strong performances from Jason Gray and Diane Kenna. 

In her first race as a Harrier, Jill Prentice remarked “I went into the race with no expectations for time, I just wanted to try to enjoy the thrill of racing again. I definitely got the thrill back, and racing with a team again was an amazing feeling. I never felt like I was running alone which was a huge motivator for me, and probably a large factor in how fast I was able to run.”

However, being on the Harriers is about more than just racing. Gavin Goldstein may have summarized the experience of being a Harrier the best, saying  "I am really happy that despite feeling terrible, I hit my goal of six minute pace.  It had a lot to do with the ghost of David Prasse nonchalantly saying hi to me at the half-mile marker, and then my trying to follow him for the rest of the race.  It had a lot to do with Mitch literally mid-race patting me on the shoulder and then him coming in first for the team. It had a lot to do with chasing Jason Gray, to finally catching up with him and then him outkicking me, while also seeing on my shoulder a new Harrier, Jill, impressively get by me at the finish line.  It had to do with Trish screaming mid-race and the Harrier cheer squad egging me on. It has a lot to do with being a Harrier. Thanks a lot you guys."

It was a great way to start the year and everyone is looking forward to the spring season and upcoming races. Congratulations and great job to all of the Harriers that raced and special thanks to the Harriers cheer squad!

Cheer Squad.jpg