Brooklyn Half Marathon 2019 Race Recap

On May 18, 2019, 26,860 participants woke up very early for the 2019 Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon. A total of 81 Harriers raced through hilly Prospect Park and down the perpetual and unremitting Ocean Parkway, ending on the Coney Island boardwalk.

The women's team took 9th place with Morgan Lingar, Jen Muse, Laura Kelly, Chelsea Oda and Jill Prentice scoring. While the men's team took 13th place with Carl Daucher, Zach Pollock, Joseph Billings, Scott Bartucca and Brenton Wheatley scoring. The men's masters took 5th place!

While the Harriers are used to hilly courses, the long and flat 4 mile stretch of Ocean Parkway can seem never ending and is equally mentally and physically challengeing. Justin Perkins commented on this saying “miles 8 to 11 felt more like 6 miles compared to 3 miles. I made the mistake of looking up at see the Avenue C street sign and knew we had the whole alphabet to get through.”

With the temperatures between 55 to 60 degrees during the race, some warm weather Harriers, such as Justin Perkins, found them to be favorable; while others would have rather it have been 12 to 20 degrees colder. Even with the temps a little warm for some, the race was a PR for several Harriers, including Morgan Lingar, Amrita Ramamurthy, Gary Frankland, Justin Perkins and Rory Hanratty.


It was the first Brooklyn Half Marathon for Amrita Ramamurthy, who said “Ran my first Brooklyn half fresh off of finals and snapped up a shiny new 5 min PR! Great course despite the punishing weather, and absolutely made my day to reunite with Harriers at the finish line and hear my name getting cheered out there. Ready to come back to practice when I graduate!”

Zach Pollack, who recently moved to Denver, Colorado, came back for the race and was the first Harrier to cross the finish line said “Hell hath no fury like a man scorned by an egregiously long porta potty line in the start corral. And apparently all I needed was a gastrointestinal injustice to get my legs turning over faster. I've been running a lot of hills (read mountains) and altitude in CO, so it was nice to enjoy the shade and modest, rolling hills of Prospect Park before the soul sucking last six miles on Ocean Parkway. Shout out to Michelle, Jen, Ray and Andrew for being awesome cheerers and Carl who helped me finish out the last struggle fest of a mile.”  

Lastly, kudos to Ray Marquet, Andrew Weir, Jenn Gong and Michelle Hillenbrand from coming out and cheering on everyone!

Let’s keep the momentum going into the Queens 10K and Team Champs. Happy Running.

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