UAE Healthy Kidney 10K Recap

On April 28, 2019, over 7,600 runners, including 59 members of the New York Harriers, took to the hilly course of Central Park for the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K. This is the second team points race of the year. The rain held off until after the race, providing for cool and dry conditions for the runners.

The women's team took 6th place with Morgan Lingar, Jen Muse, Mirjam Lablans, Christina Wong and Tara Jarvis scoring. While the men's team took 7th place with Joseph Billings, Simone Morabito, Taku Tsukidate, Scott Bartucca and Zach Pollock scoring. The men's masters took a very impressive 3rd place. In addition, Simone Morabito placed 2nd overall in his age group and Mirjam Lablans placed 3rd overall in her age group.

This was the first race of the year for Harrier veteran and now mother, Kim Maxcy-Chang. She said "Happy to have a new PR (a real one...not just post Evan). Big thanks to Kat for watching (aka holding) Evan and to all of the Harriers that came out to cheer." 

Kim Maxcy-Chang wasn’t the only one that PR’d. Kiran Rosenkilde also got his second PR of the year. "The 2019 racing season is off to a great start for me. I PR'ed at Washington Heights and now PR'ed at Sunday's Healthy Kidney by more than a minute since last year's race. (It was also at least 20 seconds faster than I have ever run a 10k, including on much flatter courses.) Huge thanks to everyone cheering--it was great seeing friendly faces, especially at the top of Harlem Hill & at Tavern, where I was losing steam--and it was major inspiration seeing all the H's on the course." 

10k pic 2.PNG

Daniel Goldstein also scored his second PR of the year after running a new PR in the BAA 5K last month. He expressed the comradery and support that the Harriers have for each other, saying "This was a super fun race, with good weather and great team support both on the course and from the sidelines. Trading fist bumps and words of encouragement with Laura Keeley, Matthew Lynch, Robin Kennedy, Hannah Graffeo, Brad Banks and others as we ran was a real boost and made me smile the whole way through. It seemed like a never ending supply of Harriers and Harrier babies were there to cheer us on at exactly the right times. (Thank you guys!!!) I finished with a significant PR and a big grin on my face."

The Harriers weren’t the only ones who crushed the course and set records. The overall women’s winner, Senbere Teferi won with a time of 30:59, which set a new event record with the first sub-31:00 in the history of the event.

Lastly, special thanks to the Harriers (and future Harriers) cheer squad who came out in full force to cheer everyone on! Congratulations and great job to all of the Harriers that raced and lets keep the momentum going into the Brooklyn Half Marathon in a couple of weeks.

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