The official New York Harriers training plan is based on our team points race calendar. It is broken into three phases--base building, strength and speed, and race specificity--while also focusing on endurance, running economy, and injury prevention. Workouts are structured around three physiological outcomes as described below:

  • Base Building - easy aerobic training that increases the muscles' mitochondria, the cellular powerhouse, thus strengthening our aerobic base and capacity

  • V02 Max - targeted up tempo training to increase VO2 max, excess O2 will convert lactate to pyruvate – more aerobic fuel

  • Lactate Clearance - sustained fast-paced runs to improve the various lactate fuel mechanisms

The Harriers training plan begins in January of each year, starting with a period of base building. In the winter and spring, the plan builds to the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May. Our training schedule diverges in August into workouts that focus on Short to Mid-distance and Half to Full Marathons


The Harriers training plan begins in January of each year and includes a period of base building which covers runners of all distance focuses. In June, we turn to shorter distance traininy, culminating at Team Champs in July. Our training schedule diverges again in August into workouts which focus on Short to Mid-distance and Half to Full Marathon                                             


The Harriers Spring Marathon training plan is a 12-week plan focused on the Boston Marathon, but can be adapted to any other mid-spring marathons (e.g. Big Sur). The plan begins in late January, and assumes some existing base mileage and culminates in late April on Patriot's day. Check out the 2019 training plan below! 


The workouts reflect the same as the overall team plan. However, this plan allows you to personalize your paces and training load. Most importantly, use this plan to set a realistic goal for the marathon. If you pick a goal and can't keep up with the recommended training and race paces, readjust. The 2019 Fall Marathon Plan will be published later this year.