Why should I join the Harriers?

Since our founding in 1988, the Harriers continue to be one of the most prominent and storied running clubs in New York City. We are a close knit group of competitors, athletes and friends. Our club prides itself on the camaraderie and diversity embodied by its members. We compete in the most competitive division of the New York Road Runners (NYRR) Club Points series, but embrace balancing the demands of training and racing with social and team building activities.

Where do team training sessions meet?

During the fall, winter and spring seasons the Harriers train primarily in Central Park at the following times and locations:

During the summer months, there is no change to meeting locations for weekday AM sessions. For PM sessions, Wednesday night workouts occur at the East 6th St Track. We encourage members to join our Facebook group as members frequently also post informal runs.

What pace do you run? Will I have someone to run with?

Wednesday and Friday workouts and training sessions are typically divided into 3-4 pace groups between 5:30 minutes per mile to 10:00 minutes per mile. The Harrier coach(es) leading the training session will divide the group at the beginning of the workout. The paces for the Sunday long runs generally range from 7:00 minutes per mile to 10:00 minutes per mile.

Do you do anything other than run?

Of course! The social aspect of our team is equally important. The team’s Board organizes annual festivities including the Holiday Party, Summer Party, and pre-race dinners and post-race brunches, among other activities. In addition, each month a different member selects a bar for “First Thursday.” Ask any of our Harriers and they will tell you that we enjoy each others’ camaraderie in and out of practice.

Sounds great - how do I join?

We encourage all prospective members to attend a workout or two before committing to paying our annual dues of $45. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know if you’ll be attending a workout, or send any other questions to info@newyorkharriers.com.